There has never been a more significant time for social workers in our nation’s history.  Each day brings new challenges and reminds us of the critical roles we play in providing services, building communities and influencing policy.  Americans are faced with a scarcity of helping professionals who can attend to our needs.  These deficits on the front lines threaten the healthy development of our society.  We must increase our efforts to recruit and retain many more dedicated individuals in the social work profession.

The Dorothy I. Height and Whitney M. Young, Jr. Social Work Reinvestment Act—introduced by social workers, Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Senator Barbara Mikulski—has been before Congress since 2007 and has yet to be passed.  We need the united voices of social workers to strongly advocate on its behalf.

The Social Work Reinvestment Act would support Social Work in the following ways:

*Competitive and fair wages

*Tuition assistance/loan forgiveness

* Recruitment and retention

* Continuing education and research

* National licensing/ title protection

We ask your help in spreading the word about the need for this important legislation. Our goal is simple—to make social work a competitive and financially secure occupation. Please join us in this effort to bring your voices to Congress and convince them the Social Work Reinvestment Act is a sound investment in our nation’s future.  Please sign the petition below and let your voice be heard in Congress. One voice can change the world. One signature can begin a movement.

For more information click: Social Work Reinvestment Act and remind your friends to go to to sign as well!


 Next Goal : 100,000

Social Work Reinvestment Act


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