Counseling Psychologist Among the Highest Paying Jobs in the Field

If you’re looking to break into a lucrative job in the medical field, in particular the field of psychology, then you may want to consider the job of a counseling psychologist. According to salary studies, a counseling psychologist is among one of the highest paying jobs in the entire field. As a psychologist who focuses on helping their patient’s interpersonal and personal relationships, you’ll be working to help them through the various issues in their life.

Let’s take a closer look.

Just How Much Are Counseling Psychologists Making?

So just how much are counseling psychologists making? According to the Health Care Salaries Guide, in 2017 counseling psychologists in the U.S. are making $43 per hour and $89,539 yearly, plus an additional $3,000 annual bonus. With that said, salaries differ depending on the geographic region that the person is working in the U.S. Also, if you are new to the field, then the average salary drops down to $59,000. Those in a very senior position, and who have been working in the field for years, can expect to make closer to $108,000.

How the U.S. Compares to Other Countries

If you’re wondering how the salary in the U.S. compares to other major countries, then the U.S. comes out looking quite good. Take for example Canada where they earn USD$68,746 per year, the UK where they earn USD $54,136 per year, and New Zealand where they make USD $70,014. The only country that is ahead of the U.S. salary is Australia, where counseling psychologists can expect to make USD$93,648 per year.

What is a Counseling Psychologist?

Of course, you don’t want to rush into a job strictly based on salary, you also want to know it’s a job you’d enjoy and excel in. As a counseling psychologist it will be up to you to blend behavioral sciences with theoretical concepts. They need to be used in a practical and useful manner in an educational or therapeutic setting. As a psychologist you won’t be able to prescribe medication, but you can offer very specialized and helpful treatment for mental health care patients.

In order to become a counseling psychologist, you’ll need to complete graduate doctoral-level training. This takes about four to six years’ worth of graduate studies. As a counseling psychologist you could work as a researcher, a teacher at college or university, in a clinic, or an independent practice among other areas. You’ll be working with individuals, families, and couples doing assessments, counseling, and consultations.

Skills that can help you excel in this job include excellent listening skills, attention to detail, strong organizational and multi-tasking skills, and critical thinking skills.

It Could be the Right Path for You

So, if you’re looking for a lucrative job in the field of psychology that offers plenty of opportunities for growth, then the counseling psychologist job could be exactly right for you. You’ll have the ability to help people work through issues and problems, allowing them to lead a happier life.

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