5 Law Specialties Worth Considering

1. International Law

Today’s world is globalized and there are plenty of job opportunities for lawyers who decide to specialize in international law.  You could work for a human rights group, in trade, or in politics, and work in a global city like New York or Washington DC.  This is also an area of law that is regularly in need of more lawyers.

2. Tax Law

Most Americans struggle with their taxes, and businesses all over the country are in need of tax lawyers to help them decode the figures and file their taxes legally.  Tax lawyers are especially needed in business-friendly states like Massachusetts and Tennessee, but jobs can be found all over the country.

3. Business Law

With the economy still improving, more businesses are cropping up than ever before.  And the one thing most of these businesses need is a legal professional to advise them.  A wealth of job opportunities exist in the world’s financial centers like New York, and you can help with everything from buying and selling businesses to advising on employment.

4. Environmental Law

As sustainable energy becomes more important and technology rapidly improves, there’s been an increase in environmental awareness across the country.  Specializing in environmental law will help get you up to date with this industry, making you a highly sought after employee, especially in the green tech meccas of San Francisco, Portland, and Boston.

5. Medical Law

With legislative law changing the medical landscape, and growth occurring in the healthcare industry, medical lawyers are now needed more than ever to deal with things like drug law, insurance law, and medical malpractice law.  The best opportunities for this kind of work are in large cities, or areas where there are high concentrations of medical firms, like Boston.

How to Specialize

Before specializing in a specific area of law, you’ll need to obtain a law degree.  You could get a fast track, accredited law degree from the USD Law School if you would like to speed up the process this takes by one year.  After this, it’s recommended to practice general law for a while to see which areas of law interest you.  With this knowledge at hand, you can then continue and specialize in one of the above, or one of the many other specialties available to you.

Specializing in a specific area of law may take some time and effort on your part, but it will definitely be worth it.  You’ll not only become a highly sought-after employee, but you’ll earn a higher salary too.  Just make sure to invest in an area of law that interests you in order to stay passionate about your career.

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