5 Self-Defense & Personal Protection Tools

Our safety and wellbeing can be taken for granted as we can feel invincible to intentional harm. The thought “it’ll never happen to me” can land you right into a dangerous situation without proper precautions. Take a moment to make your safety a priority. Consider adopting the these self-defense tools and create a safety strategy to protect yourself during an emergency.

TASER Strikelight

Tasers, which are the preferred electronic weapons of law enforcement, can pad you with protection, whether you’re walking the dog late at night or want a weapon to have at home in case of an intruder. Known as electroshock or conducted electrical weapons, a taser causes the body’s muscles to contract by stimulating the motor and sensory nerves, according to Survival Mastery. Using a taser will incapacitate an individual, yet isn’t lethal. The TASER Strikelight is a top product, serving as an LED flashlight equipped with a high-voltage stun that can repel an attacker or even an animal.

Pepper Spray

No self-defense arsenal is complete without pepper spray. This inflammatory agent is commonly known as Mace, which is the well-known brand for personal defense spray since 1970. A Secure Life recommends using pepper spray because it’s quick and easy to use. It severely irritates the eyes and skin, and causes difficulty in breathing for up 30-45 minutes. Pepper spray is only one part of the self-defense equation; it slows down your attacker and physically distracts them, so you can further execute a physical self-protection technique, escape and contact help. High Tech Self Defense offers a catalog of pepper sprays.

Personal Safety Apps

Since your phone is either in your hand or within reach, it can easily serve as a self-protection tool as well. First make sure you have a quality cell phone plan with reliable coverage to ensure that any personal safety app downloaded works effectively when you need it most. The SmartWatcher app tracks your location and alerts your network of “watchers” if you hit the emergency button. Friends and family can then contact you and send assistance. bSafe offers features like an SOS Alarm (sends your location, video and audio), Follow Me (shows you live on a map) and I Am Here (alerts that you’ve arrived at your destination). For extra security, the React Mobile Wearable Panic Button provides access to help in case your phone is locked or unreachable.

Online Women’s Self Defense Program

Self-defense tech can not only take down you assailant or alert that you’re in danger, but teach you how to defend yourself. The SEPS (Situation Effective Protection System) women’s self-defense program is free online and offers nine course modules designed to prepare you to for various dangerous events. More than safety rules and do’s or don’ts, this program educates and empowers women who may feel powerless in situations to make smart assessments and decisions during a risky situation. Learn personal safety habits, warning signs and what to do during confrontation.

Jogger Alarm

Doberman Security’s Jogger Alarm provides peace of mind to runners who want feel secure while running at night or through the city. Listed as a top self-defense product for runners by Active, the alarm is worn on the wrist or arm and sends a 110-decibel emergency distress signal with the touch of a button. Its flashing light further ensures you’re visible to your surroundings when encountering danger. It’s helpful to include the Jogger Alarm as part of an overall strategy; while you draw attention to yourself and your assailant, you can strike back or use pepper spray to release yourself from harm.




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