Peel Back Medications?


A nurse for my mother-in-law told me that it is standard practice for a hospital or nursing home to ‘peel back’ medications that a patient is taking in order to determine if they are on the right medication and dosage.

Sounds dangerous to me. Especially in my mother-in-law’s case. I can’t wait to get her home. The physical therapist and I had a meeting this morning and he tried his best to talk me out of taking her home. He and the discharge planner recommend a nursing home. The aide that was attending to my mother-in-law this morning said, “You better have plenty of Advil for your back because she is dead weight. She has not been helping us with transfers at all”.

I get that. She is not like someone who is asleep or dead though. She just does not use her muscles to help. I am hoping that will come in time, but until then we can use a gait belt and a sliding board. She has been using a bedpan, which is easier than getting her on a bedside commode. She does pull on the bed rail to allow for the bedpan to be placed and removed.

My plan is still to get her toileted, cleaned and dressed and in her wheelchair early in the morning before I leave and have the Wheels bus pick her up in her wheelchair with the lift and bring her to the club where she can eat her breakfast. She will be with me here at the club all day and  have a good time while having her needs met. Then before I leave I will send her home on the Wheels bus, with Larry or I being sure to be home when she arrives. I will help her eat a light meal and then get into bed. Weekends we might need help at home. Larry and I can take turns taking care of her but we might want to get out together once in awhile. Or we could make an appointment and send her to the club on the Wheels bus and pay staff to take care of her at the clubhouse.

I definitely would not want to care for my mom in law at home if not for the health club for seniors. Even before she fell and declined. I tried it and it was miserable…like being in jail and tortured at the same time. The club makes all the difference. We will have good times and a good life in spite of our health challenges. I promise to keep you posted with honest progress reports.

May you and yours have a safe and happy Fourth of July week!July Tree 2017

Written By DG Gridley

July 2, 2017 was originally published @ DG’s Weekly Blog – Aging With Grace and has been syndicated with permission.


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