The Best Degrees for People Interested in Social Justice

The only way that you can right the wrongs that occur in the world is to get actively involved.

Organizing protests helps to let government agencies and even corporations know that unfair policies and treatment of certain groups of people will not be tolerated, but social justice from a grassroots level isn’t the only way to get your message across. If you want to make a real difference in the lives of the disenfranchised there are certain degrees that you can obtain to gain an even bigger platform. Earning an online MDY degree will allow you to tackle prominent social justice issues that have not yet been solved in your lifetime. Find ways to effectively reduce childhood hunger or help to reform the prison system by looking for a career program that will put you at the forefront of civil rights, human rights, and other forms of advocacy.

Masters in Diplomacy

Although you might begin your career looking at issues that have had a profound impact on people living in your local communities, social justice is generally a global platform. There are atrocities occurring in foreign lands that continually shape the way that people think and feel. If you can help to reduce the amount of social injustice that is occurring on a global level, it will certainly be easier for you to make headway with similar issues that are happening in your local neighborhood. Study for a masters in diplomacy and find out how policy changes, government intervention, and education can make positive change possible.

Criminal Justice

One of the biggest areas of reform that supporters of social justice want to see occur is within the criminal justice system. From sentencing disparities to neglect, abuse, and crimes that happen within jails and prisons, it is hard to see the penal system as a place where inmates can look forward to rehabilitation. Private prisons are often managed in a different manner altogether and it can be harder for inmates to pursue job trade education and career advancement when they are at the mercy of corrupt prison officials. If you decide to go into a criminal justice career, you will be able to conduct interviews, review prison records, and shine a light on corruption while using effectively managed jails as an example of what is being done to promote reform and rehabilitation.

Child Advocacy

Children are vulnerable because they are often not allowed to have their own voice. Whether they reside in foster homes or live in two-parent households, neglect can go noticed or be ignored because children don’t feel that they are at liberty to speak up for themselves. By going to school for child advocacy, you can help neglected and abused children to find their voices in the family court system, make sure the perpetrators are held accountable, and facilitate placement. The best part about this career is the fact that you will also have the ability to follow each child’s progress, seeing them grow up in loving and supportive homes.

What you should know about social justice is that all of the world’s problems can be solved one at a time. It takes a selfless and insightful person to know that there are more important things in life than driving a luxury car and buying designer belts. If you want to get out there and speak up for those who don’t know where to turn for help, get involved in social justice by advancing your career in an area that counts.

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