How to protect yourself as an elder

Too often we hear stories of the elderly falling victim to scams, abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation. Like the young, the elderly are targets when it comes to those willing to abuse others for their own gain. Abuse can come from complete strangers, or sadly, a family member or close friend.

However, there are many ways to secure yourself against those looking to make a dime off your back, meaning your home, offices, or care home, can become a safe space for you to fully retire in.

Keep an eye on your bank accounts – A simple instruction, yet so many people find themselves victim to credit card fraud without knowing it. Keep an eye on any unknown activity and the whereabouts of your cards. Try not to give your card details away to family members or friends, and do not succumb to pressure when they ask for reasons why not. Financial exploitation is rapidly rising in the US, which is why there is a rise in practising elder abuse litigation, producing high quantity of Elder Abuse Attorney in Los Angeles and other states.

Make sure to plan ahead – Having a will in place is helpful when stopping the abuse of your assets. By ensuring everything is set up and in good working order, there is little to worry about. Your attorney will keep a hold of your wishes, and make sure to follow them through, regardless of what other people say. Just make sure not to bend and break if a family member asks for specific possessions or large amounts of money.

Know your rights in the care home – Due to an elder’s vulnerability, many carers are being found charged with neglect and abuse. It is hard to pinpoint the reasons behind a carers behaviours, however, you can counter this abuse if you are ever unlucky enough to suffer it. Neglect can be seen and administered in many different way – make sure you know what constitutes as poor care and treatment, and how you can tackle it if it were to ever happen to you. This is also useful information for family and friends.

Stay connected – As you age, you are at risk of beginning disconnected and isolated from friends and family. This can make you more trusting in areas you should be wary of, like a neighbour who knows that if they pay you five minutes of attention, you may pick up and pay for some groceries for them. Of course, not everyone is out to get you, but by keeping contact with friends and family, you are at a lesser risk of falling prey to empty advances. By having a good circle of friends, you can keep yourself busy, as well as also offering support alongside your friendship.

Unfortunately, sometimes no amount of precautions can halt personal attacks, but if you are one of the unlucky few who have found themselves subject to abuse, contact law firms like Garcia Law who are specialist Elderly Abuse Attorney Los Angeles and promise to help you win your case to the best possible outcome.

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