Alternatives to a Traditional College Degree to Suggest to Your Teenager

As a parent, you will want to make sure that your child has the best future possible. Often, this will mean encouraging your child to pursue higher education as they enter their teen years. The last few years of high school are pivotal in the life of a teenager, as this is when they will most likely be making the important decisions for their future, for example what to study at college, where to attend, or even if they want to consider any alternatives. We’ve listed some alternative ideas to the traditional college degree that your teenager might want to think about.

Sports Scholarships

If your child is good at playing sports and dreams of playing professionally one day, then what better way to achieve this than by playing professionally for their college team? offers a range of sports scholarships for students who play in a range of different disciplines. In order to be accepted for a sports scholarship, however, it’s important for your teen to focus their energy on their sports achievements and work to attract coaches.

Online Study

For many young people, the scariest part of going to college is moving away and leaving all of their family and friends behind. Although the college experience is certainly worth it and many students will find great new friends on campus and settle in quickly, if your teen isn’t too bothered about the social aspect of things and would prefer to stay at home where they feel comfortable, online study might be a great choice for them. Along with this, online study is usually around a third cheaper, helping to save your money when it comes to covering the cost.


Some people just aren’t built for studying. Instead, they work and learn much better when they are left to figure out how things are done on the job. If your teen isn’t keen on the idea of going to college, then an apprenticeship could be the perfect method of securing their future. Apprenticeships are available for a huge range of future career choices, from beauty and personal services to engineering, business and IT.


Today, more young people are starting their own businesses than ever before, with some kids having profitable businesses online before their sweet sixteenth! If your teen is more interested in becoming a future business tycoon than studying at university, encouraging this could actually be a good idea. Today, small businesses are more successful than ever before, and thanks to the internet, your teen has a huge range of resources available. However, choosing entrepreneurship doesn’t mean that studying isn’t useful. Your teen could definitely benefit from studying for a degree in business or taking a specialized entrepreneurship program.


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