Demand for Therapists Expected to Rise Since the Election

For over a year, the U.S. presidential election has been the talk of most newspaper headlines, with millions of people across the United States tuning in every night to hear the latest updates about their chosen political party and candidate. But, as the race for president ran on, bitterness and division often became a second theme, with groups of people all over the country vehemently voicing their support for two very different candidates.

Unsurprisingly, this election has got to many individuals, with reports that mental health problems, particularly amongst minority groups, have been on the rise. Along with that, therapists have reported a surge in demand due to stress and anxiety mainly brought on by the presidential election.

Why We Need More Therapists

The latest presidential election has been one of the most stressful in the history of elections. Once the result was announced, riots broke out, and already changes are being made which are set to affect the personal lives of groups living in the U.S., with LGBT communities, women, immigrants, and Muslims expected to be the groups that will see the most changes to their lives. Already, counselors working in the United States are seeing an increase in patients with election-related worries. As America is governed under a new Republican reign, the groups of people who will be affected by this the most are likely to turn to counseling, causing a surge in demand.

How to Become a Therapist

If you are considering a career change or are a young person who’s applying to college, this could present a great opportunity to become a therapist. This job can be a hugely rewarding, as you will be using your skills and caring, empathetic personality to help others overcome their problems and live life to its full potential. In order to become a therapist, you will need to take a degree in counseling, something which you can do both online or on campus. Online counseling degrees can be an ideal choice for those who are hoping to study whilst working full-time or cannot relocate to live at university. You can also take a masters in counseling online to top up your skills.

Job Description

Working as a therapist is often well suited for those people who like to deal with something new each day and enjoy helping other people deal with their problems. As a therapist, you could be treating people who suffer from mental health disorders, family and relationship issues, stress, grief, and more. Although at times you may be required to help people through very upsetting situations and states of mind, you will be trained to use the best techniques for helping your patients achieve a full recovery, which is very rewarding. There are also many opportunities for progression and promotion in this line of work, along with opportunities to become self-employed or begin your own practice.

With the demand for therapists already rising steadily throughout the U.S. presidential election, now has never been a better time to study for a counseling degree.

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