How to Encourage More Children to Become Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs often credit their upbringing for their business success. Amazing family work ethics, or just big dreamers, it is clear that the world needs more innovation and more entrepreneurs. The skills involved with entrepreneurship are also very valuable life skills to have. So how can we encourage more children to become the next generation of dreamers, doers and achievers? Here are four ways to get started.


From a very early age, education is a core component to helping your child develop and learn a lot of new things. Where they go to learn and what they study can have an impact on their future. Choosing the right college and course to study is difficult enough, but employers are always looking for more. A masters in business administration would be an advantage in this field. If your child already has a bachelors degree, and the relevant experience, taking the next step to achieve a masters shouldn’t be too difficult.  They can also opt to take their MBA degree online.

Encourage Creativity

Creativity is something that is often associated closely with art, but entrepreneurs are often some of the most creative people. You can’t teach creativity as a skill, but children should be provided with enough time for unstructured play where they can let their imaginations run wild. Whether you encourage them to pretend to be a store owner, or think of a way for them to run their own small business, give your child the opportunity to experience success and loss and see how gratifying it is for them to operate something they have created. You could start by giving your kids monopoly money and set up a store in your garden and watch them do the rest. People often mistake technology for hampering creativity but if used correctly, it can unleash it.

Foster Curiosity

Where does every entrepreneur start with his or her businesses? The first step is usually becoming curious about something. What makes it different? Who could it help? How was it made? How can I better it? Children have these questions at an early age and it’s very important to help them feel free to explore their curiosity.

The Desire to Make Money

By a young age, a lot of children are old enough to understand the need for money due to the amount of advertisements they are bombarded with. However, there’s a large difference between wanting money and wanting to make money; and it is important for kids to know the difference. By learning the difference and maybe giving your children work to do around the house in exchange for a few cents, they can learn to appreciate the money that they have worked hard for rather than expecting money to be handed to them.

Raising your kids with an entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t automatically take a lot of time, money or effort, it just takes you as parents looking at a different prospective on your family’s everyday life. Kids are our future and if you’re an entrepreneur with children or would like to influence your child to be one, it’s important to think about how you can aid them, as they are our future job leaders and creators.

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