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A Benefit for Kids Vendor Spotlight

Every year at our Benefit for Kids event, we get the opportunity to connect and work with many local restaurants, wineries and breweries in order to create a wonderful tasting experience for our 250+ guests. Over the 12 years that we’ve hosted B4K, we’ve established some wonderful relationships with the people behind these businesses, and look forward to showcasing their amazing goods each year. As the planning for this year’s Benefit for Kids comes to a crescendo, we want to spotlight one of these important relationships. Shanny Covey, along with her partner with Robin Covey, operates three local favorites: Robin’s Restaurant in Cambria and Novo and Luna Red in San Luis Obispo. At least one of Shanny and Robin’s restaurants has participated in B4K almost every year since the beginning of the event in 2004. This year, Novo will be participating and we’re looking forward trying what is sure to be an amazing dish that will no doubt delight all of our guests.

When a business dedicates so much of their resources and time to our efforts, we know that they do so because they are truly committed to being a part of positive change in our community. We recently talked with Ms. Covey to hear more about why she became involved with us and why she continues to do so year after year.

What attracted you to getting involved with the Benefit for Kids event (formerly Taste of the Central Coast)? 

We first learned of FCNI 20 years ago when we wanted to foster a teenager who was in [your] care. During that year, we became familiar with how FCNI operated and have become supporters ever since. 

What influences your decision of which events you participate in? 

Of course we give priority to causes that are dear to our hearts, like care for underprivileged children, Alzheimer’s and senior care. Other than that, we try to give to as many locals first then national causes. It seems that every time you turn around there is another fundraiser to contribute to and it is hard to say no to any of them.

As a local business owner, supporting a local agency means supporting your local community–is this an important aspect to you when choosing a cause to support? And if so, why?

Absolutely. The local community is the backbone of our business economy. In effect, we are all neighbors and it is important to take care of each other. 

Is there a certain aspect of FCNI’s mission or efforts that speak to you specifically–any personal experience or beliefs that move you to involve yourself with our mission to serve children, youth and families impacted by trauma? 

When we wanted to provide a home for [a teenage boy] in foster care within the FCNI system, in order for us to take him in, we had to become foster parents under the supervision of FCNI. [From this experience], we learned how conscientiously FCNI operates for the benefit of children in our community. FCNI helps many challenged and underprivileged kids and families who need a helping hand of support even if just for a little while. Their services are a much needed resource for our community.

What do you enjoy most about Benefit for Kids? 

It is great to see the support of the community at this event. It also is a way for FCNI to stay connected with current and potential sponsors. 

We really enjoyed getting to know Ms. Covey more and how she’s influenced by her commitment to give back locally, knowing that her heart to serve others is reflected greatly in the many efforts that her businesses contribute to. And just as Ms. Covey noted that the local community is the “backbone to our local business economy”, so are the businesses and individuals the backbone of FCNI’s efforts and the subsequent success of our children, youth and families. We are proud that Ms. Covey and her partner choose to invest their time and resources with us, because as a Community-Based Organization, we couldn’t do anything without people like them!

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