Six Tips to Overcome Negative Thinking and Create Positive Financial Change


Is negative thinking preventing positive financial change in your life? Do negative thoughts derail financial goals like paying down credit card debt, saving for a down payment on a house or seeking a higher-paying job? Negative self talk not only harms your financial goals, but they affect your overall health by draining energy and causing stress. Use the following six tips to overcome negative thinking, create positive energy and joy, and improve your chances of achieving any positive financial change you wish to achieve.

Go for a Walk to Eliminate Negative Thoughts

Besides improving physical health, regular exercise has been shown to enhance your mood, improve your mental health and boost your emotional state of mind which in turn helps you defeat negative self talk. Receiving the benefits of exercise is easier than you may think. Start simple with a short walk (20 to 30 minutes) three times a week and gradually increase the number of days and duration.

Increase Optimism with Mindfulness

Negative thoughts surrounding money are a byproduct of your relationship with money. To heal this relationship and take positive steps toward financial wellbeing, you need to examine your thoughts, feelings and attitudes about money with acceptance and non-judgement. A powerful way to do this and overcome negative thinking is begin practicing mindfulness each day.

Help Others to Overcome Negative Thinking

Take the focus off of your own financial problems for a moment and spend time helping others. Volunteering your time to help others in need can give you a deep sense of happiness. This break from focusing on yourself can do wonders improving your outlook on life and giving yourself a shot of positive energy.

Put Positive Affirmations to Use to Derail Negative Self Talk

The words you use each day have the power to change your life for the better. To take the necessary steps to achieve positive financial change, you must begin to replace negative self talk with words which empower you to achieve your financial goals. Use positive affirmations to rewire your brain and remove negative thoughts by introducing positive self talk into your daily life.

Point Out Positives and Replace the Negatives

Bring attention to the positives in your life each day by performing one simple action each morning. Write down a list of five things you are grateful for in your life and then spend a few moments reflecting on those items. By focusing on what you have (positive) instead of what you do not have (negative), you are starting your day off by cultivating positive energy.

Focus on Victories and Not Negative Setbacks

As you put positive financial change in action, you will always run into obstacles and setbacks. You will also have a number of victories along the way as well. Instead of allowing negative thinking to rule your thoughts, pat yourself on the back and focus on the victories – no matter how small they may seem – to create positive energy and joy in your life.

Individuals who wish to overcome negative thinking and create positive financial change must use a proactive approach. Use the tips above to begin eliminating negative thoughts and introducing happiness and joy in your life. By taking this step, you are empowering yourself to achieve the positive financial change you desire to accomplish.

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Written By Reeta Wolfsohn, CMSW

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