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Southern Pride Not Equaling Southern Comfort

My dear South…what is going on down there? Do you need help? Are you having a stroke and need medical attention? I know we’ve always had our differences, but for a long time we just had a friendly rivalry going like a good Army/Navy football game(Go Navy!). But now we’re growing concerned. We know there are some things you do better. Like sweet tea, we’ve never seemed to be able to figure that one out. It’s a simple recipe, but still that’s all you. And it’s amazing. Southern hospitality, damn it’s awesome…but to be honest it has become a bit shaky as of late as it becomes more exclusive. And of course some excellent music and history lay at your feet.

But it seems that every 50-100 years or so we get into a family feud, sometimes resulting in a full blown Civil War(yes, not all that history is great, no this isn’t Ironman vs. Captain America). And here we are again, with this same fight for civil rights and liberties and y’all (I’m trying here!) deciding that your stance will be to dig your heels in and try to move backwards. 60 years ago we had the fight about using restaurants, water fountains, and bathrooms. Today, it’s almost identical, just the targeted group changes. And what do we keep learning? You will fall on the wrong side of history, on the hate side of history, and nothing changes when you finally come along, and you will, with the rest of the country- your lives remain exactly the same. Your lives don’t get worse, it doesn’t impact you to embrace it. It does impact you negatively, because the rest of the country and the rest of the world won’t do business with those who are practicing discrimination. That’s what this is. And all those businesses pulling out? And all that federal funding disappearing? Not going to be positive. So I’m asking, what’s the definition of insanity?

I’m pleading with you, which you know is hard for a New Yorker. But I’m pleading for you to check out what is going on within yourselves, because it’s not outside, it’s within that you’re struggling with. Let go of the hate, really examine your beliefs and then decide, why do I really have an issue with this? Is it because I’m told to by my ____? Or is it because of a valid belief.  I’ll give you a hint, discrimination isn’t ever going to be a valid belief system. The only way you can combat hate is to increase acceptance, not tolerance. You’ve been tolerating(barely), it’s time to start accepting. And the rest of us are willing to help. In exchange, teach us your sweet tea ways.



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