Degree Options That Enable You to Change the World

People who change the world are dedicated to their profession, and there is no right or wrong degree choice if you want to be one of those influential individuals – you can make significant changes to any field. Whether you’d like to be a top scientist who discovers a cure for HIV and changes the world, an engineer who designs the first rocket to visit Mars, or even a game developer who changes the gaming world with the most extraordinary game ever designed, we’ve listed a few of the best degree options that will help you on your mission to change the world.

Science Based Degrees

Science is forever developing, and scientists are learning new things every day about every aspect of the human race, the earth, animals, and almost everything else. If you’re dedicated to the idea of making a change in the world, science is definitely up there as one of the best degree options to do. Whether you choose to study Human Biology, Biological Science, Chemistry, Physics or Psychology, science based degrees open up a lot of opportunities for potentially world-changing discoveries.


As with science, medicine is also a great route to go down if your dream is to make a change in the world. Medical discoveries have changed the world as we know it time and time again, for example the invention of vaccinations, which have wiped out a number of once common illnesses and diseases. Although medicine is far more advanced today than it was at the time vaccinations were invented, there is still much room for discovery – somebody still needs to discover a cure for Ebola, for example.


Technology based degrees are another great option if your mission is to change the world as we know it. Inventions such as the computer and mobile phone made a dramatic change to the world, and have been continuously developing since then into laptop and tablet computers and smartphones which have changed the world even further. The internet has changed the way we communicate and gain information and knowledge, and is also continuously developing and making changes upon changes.

Digital Media

If you want to get your voice heard, studying a degree related to digital media such as marketing or an arts degree could be the best way forward. For example, graphic design is a degree which will allow you to create images that will have some form of impact on groups of people, and you can use your talents to your advantage on your mission to change the world. Many powerful advertisements have changed the way that lots of people view things, so don’t think digital media degrees such as those offered at Tribeca Flashpoint College don’t make the list for wannabe world-changers – they definitely do.

Remember, you don’t have to pick one of the above degree options to be able to change the world! Anybody, anywhere has the potential to make even a small difference in the world if they try hard enough.

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