Eliminate These 6 Habits Draining Your Energy Level and Add More Vitality to Your Daily Life


What’s draining your energy levels before the day is done? Quite possibly, there are many culprits that drain your energy – mental, physical and emotional – and cause you to feel worn out before your head hits the pillow each day. In today’s blog post, we will identify six common habits that are responsible for draining your energy levels. If you avoid these energy-zapping habits, you will most likely experience a day full of vitality and energy-boosting positivity.

Always On the Go

Each of us has daily responsibilities (work, family, etc.) which keep us on the go from early morning to late at night. While we can not eliminate all of these activities, we can keep them from draining our energy by taking time each day for ourselves. Not only will an “always on the go” schedule rob you of energy, but by not taking time each day to find healthy balance in your life, you also can not take care of those who count on you for loving support.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Dehydration takes a toll on energy levels. And most of us, instead of drinking water, turn to coffee, tea or sugary, caffeinated sodas when we feel tired. This may give us a temporary jolt of energy, but it will zap more of our energy in the long run by not providing our bodies with much-needed hydration. To help with hydration, start each morning with a large glass of water and make it a goal to drink more water throughout your day.

Continuing Toxic Relationships

Negativity can be very draining and emotionally taxing. Pay attention to your relationships and start avoiding relationships which are very needy, demanding, one-sided and negative. Focus your energy on building relationships with individuals who fill you up emotionally instead of ones which drain your energy. Also, don’t forget to contemplate and heal your relationship with money as an unhealthy relationship with money can certainly zap your energy.

Not Dealing with Stress

Stress can quickly deplete your energy resources. Avoidance is not a healthy strategy for dealing with any kind of stress. Instead of allowing stress to drain your energy and cause you potential life-threatening health issues, you must make an effort to cope with stress. And many ways to cope with stress – taking a walk, practicing mindfulness meditation, starting a daily exercise regiment, etc. – also make you feel more energized and positive.

Always Saying Yes

One certain way to drain your energy is to spend time doing things you don’t really want to do. While avoiding all things we don’t want to do is impossible (think responsibilities), we can make it a point to avoid saying “yes” to every request we receive. Before you say yes to anything that isn’t an essential responsibility, ask yourself if what you are saying yes to will drain your energy or enhance your energy. If it is something that will enhance your energy (quality time with family, exercise, a night out with your spouse, etc.), then by all means add it to your daily agenda.

Eating Foods that Zap Energy

The food we put in our body, much like the fluids we drink, can either enhance our energy or drain us of energy. For the most part, we each know which foods are unhealthy and are responsible for draining our energy (e.g. refined sugary snacks, fried foods, processed foods, etc.). What we must do is to start utilizing strategies (food journal, accountability partner, etc) to ensure we replace these foods with healthier alternatives (fruit, vegetables, whole grains, etc.).

It’s not easy to avoid all the daily habits which are draining our energy. With a little effort, however, each of us can eliminate some energy-draining habits and add new, positive, energy-boosting activities to our daily lives.

Written By Reeta Wolfsohn, CMSW

Eliminate These 6 Habits Draining Your Energy Level and Add More Vitality to Your Daily Life was originally published @ Financial Therapy Network and has been syndicated with permission.

Photo by Jason A. Howie


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