10 Tips to Help Your Clients Create Positive Change in Their Lives


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Helping your clients create positive change in their lives is an essential aspect of empowering those clients to achieve long-term financial behavioral change and financial security. As your clients see positive changes in other aspects of their lives – no matter how small – they will, in turn, begin to believe in themselves. Belief in oneself is the essence of self-empowerment, and it gives your clients the confidence that they do have the inner strength and the ability to take back control of their money and their lives.


Positive Change Comes from Making Choices

Why is self-empowerment so essential? Clients that are self-empowered understand that they have the ability to handle whatever happens. They are confident that they can make the right choices to take control of their financial lives. And this confidence is vital as an insightful article in Psychology Today shared, “The only way to realize positive change in your life is by making choices.”

Without this confidence, your clients will feel as if they don’t have those choices. They will feel helpless to take control of their money and their lives. They will lack hope. And without hope, long-term financial change is not possible.

From Hopeless to Hopeful

So as you help your clients achieve small wins with positive change, their belief in themselves grows. They become more more hopeful and this hope connects your clients to all the possibilities that await them. Hope enables your clients to set goals and to move in the direction of those goals. Hope enables your clients to learn how to trust themselves and to practice the self-discipline required to become more money-wise.

As your clients grow more money-wise, they see the connection between how their finances affect the various areas of their lives and how the various areas of their lives affect finances. Seeing this connection and having the confidence to make choices will make your clients feel better about their ability to bring a wide range of positive changes to their lives.

10 Tips for Creating Positive Change

The following ten tips will help lead your clients in the direction of positive change and put them on the path of taking back control of their money and their lives.

  1. Commit yourself to change.
  2. Practice being more aware of yourself and of your wants and needs!
  3. Respect and honor yourself with positive thinking.
  4. Celebrate your willingness to learn and to grow — Hooray for YOU!
  5. Feel your feelings and learn from them. Remember: You matter as do your feelings.
  6. Stop treating yourself poorly. When you do the best you can, that is always good enough!
  7. Take care of yourself by meeting your own needs.
  8. Be honest with yourself and others.
  9. If you need help, ask for it.
  10. Accept yourself just as you are which opens you to change (All change begins with self-love and self-acceptance.).

These tips come from the Taking Charge Workbook Program which provides you with all the important financial education, behavioral and psychosocial materials you’d want your members to be filling out and engaging with as they participate in your groups to benefit from Financial Social Work’s successful approach to financial behavioral change.

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Written By Reeta Wolfsohn, CMSW

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