Resource Alert: Revamped National Human Trafficking Resource Center

By Sharon E. Chin

In lieu of the non-profit agency’s – formerly known as Polaris Project – transition to simply “Polaris”, their National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) has also matured into their very own site. Polaris has been one of the biggest forerunners in bringing awareness to the growing issue of modern-day slavery in the United States. Their hotline has been used by victims, professionals, and citizens alike since 2007.

The new website is user friendly, providing statistics, literature, and resources easily. NHTRC has taken it upon themselves to collect and provide resources for service providers, law enforcement, and anyone else who finds themselves face-to-face with a victim. Data from their hotline has produced enough information that statistics can be viewed by state. Information can be broken docancerwn by year, showing how many calls have come from the state, the number of cases reported, types of trafficking that has occurred in the state, and top where trafficking have occurred. Victims’ gender, age, and citizenship also indicate that each state is unique with who is affected by human trafficking.
The urge for more and better research has been a constant theme this year within the realm of human trafficking. NHTRC has set the bar with not only gathering data, but also on data presentation through their new virtual home. While more data is always helpful, if information is not communicated well, it can not be used.
Visit it now and learn more about your state:


Resource Alert: Revamped National Human Trafficking Resource Center was originally published @ Cancer inCYTES Blog and has been syndicated with permission.

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