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Letting Social Workers Shine

I find myself growing sentimental as time moves quickly towards graduation. Dealing with these feelings speaks to many aspects of life. During the course of our lives we will be expected to move on from what we know, who we know, and everything we are comfortable with in order to grow. We are like hermit crabs exchanging our shell for a larger size as we move on. As a society we fear change because we fear a lack of control. Although not meant as a political statement, I believe it holds true for the “social” piece of “social workers.” I could joke that my reflection to graduate school was “Veni Vidi Vici,” but it would be much more accurate to say that it was “I loved, I lost, and I moved forward.”

President Obama released the theme of his 2012 re-election as “Forward.” I think it is an appropriate idea for all of us. Keep moving forward. Countries around the world are slamming to sudden stops and crumbling because they cannot will themselves to move forward, so they simply stop. At times looking around I see this same issue with those around me. I believe we fear a lot of things without even realizing it. We bend over backwards in order to lower ourselves to another person’s level because we think that this is how we will be understood. Social workers argue constantly…and if we would only raise the bar we would all rise with it. Instead we imprison ourselves in subservient and obtuse positions. When we assume that the only way to reach the masses is to debase ourselves to a level equal to the Jersey Shore or the Kardashians we a fearing our own strengths. Don’t be afraid to shine. Instead allow yourself to excel, to rise to the top and see others join you there.

To those graduating with me this May: In two weeks we go into a world that isn’t always fair. A world that hasn’t always lived up to our expectations, but for no other reason than because I go into this world with all of you, I know there is nothing to fear. Join me, and let your individual light illuminate away the fear.

By: Courtney Kidd, LMSW
SJS Staff Writer

Oringinally posted May 2012

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