Don’t Mess with a Jedi Master

A not so long time ago, in a galaxy not too far away…five adult bullies decided to take a golf club and beat up on a young adult male with a cane. Clearly, these aggressors thought of the young man as an easy target. They stalked him after his college class to an empty parking lot. The motives for this beating were unclear. Clarity did come to these perpetrators of violence though. You see their perceived pray is the instructor or should I say Jedi Master, of our light sabering group.

A few of us at a light saber training session

Yes, this young man has crippling arthritis in both knees and hips. Damp weather is crushing and pain meds are a consistent companion. The cane gives him balance and helps alleviate some of the pressure of walking. He chooses to overcome his pain with his passion, Star Wars. This Jedi Master does not come by the name lightly.Shii-Cho, Makshi, Soresu, Ataru, Shien, and Jar’Kai are all forms of fighting mastered by this Jedi. He practices these forms weekly with his training ‘the art of light saber fighting’ to us fledglings. Yes, light saber technology is now at the point of feasibility for training, unlike a flying broom. If you get hit, you hurt, sometimes a lot. (You can get one Here!)

My initial response upon hearing he was in this situation was one of concern. That is until I heard the outcome. Five guys and a golf club attacked this young man. Yet, this Jedi Master was the wrong person to choose as a victim. As the attack ensued, the perpetrators soon found out they were the flies and not the spider. His attackers fled with significant injuries from a wooden cane. The Jedi Master has a bruised ribcage, but significantly less damage than the snap of broken bones. The police were impressed by his defense.
The Jedi Master dueling another Jedi, both with two sabers
Culture is changing, geeks and nerds are not as vulnerable anymore. Technology has shifted the scales of what is cool and what is not. I don’t see many kids bullying each other with Xbox controls or Minecraft applications. Technology can empower populations as never before. We just have to think outside the box. How can we empower our client with ‘X’ issues? How can we empower the perception of powerlessness? Technology offers these options. What options have you created for your populations?

Written By Ellen Belluomini, LCSW

Don’t Mess with a Jedi Master was originally published @ Bridging the Digital Divide in Social Work Practice and has been syndicated with permission.


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