Ring the Alarm – Human Trafficking Must End

It is critically important that social workers remain at the forefront of preventing the abuse and exploitation of children and adults. The exploitation of humans both nationally and internationally must be brought to an end immediately. Recently, approximately 230 Nigerian girls were abducted by a militant group in hopes of selling the children as a form of human trafficking.

Across our nation, it is estimated that since 1999, approximately 800,000 children have been reported as missing. Children in our very own foster care system are being preyed upon by sex traffickers. The Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy (CRISP) will continue to work in partnership with governmental organizations and agencies and Congress to protect children and families in the United States and on a global basis.

We must continue to monitor and support legislation introduced by Rep. Karen Bass (CA-37) – H.R. 1732 Strengthening the Child Welfare Response to Human Trafficking Act,  and Rep. Joyce Beatty (OH-3) – H.R. 3905 Improving the Response to Missing Children and Victims of Child Sex Trafficking Bill. In addition, let’s continue to linking up with fellow social workers around the world to combat human trafficking through various Departments of Social Services, CNN’s Freedom Project, and organizations such as Half the Sky, Save the Children, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Social workers are fighters for social justice. Let’s continue to ring the alarm and end human trafficking.


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