Predatory Lending: Every Client’s Worst Nightmare

I know a good amount about payday loans and predatory lending. I have read about and studied them, and even spoken on the the topic. I certainly never considered myself anything near an expert, but I have considered myself knowledgeable about the risks and dangers they pose for clients.

At least that’s how I felt until I spoke with Susan Lupton, Senior Policy Associate with the Center for Responsible Lending, about the webinar she is doing for the Center for Financial Social Work, on September 18th at 2:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PT. Our discussion demonstrated how much more there is to know; how much more heinous these products are than I even imagined; how quickly and completely these products can destroy the futures of all ensnared by them.

Susan Lupton made many interesting points during our conversation that I was unable to keep up with my note taking. What I learned was not only how much she knows about the specifics of these industries and products, but how much she understands their impact on clients’ lives, the role they play in keeping men and women in poverty, the myths of how pay day loans can benefit the poor and the reasons they are so difficult to eliminate.

I am so excited for our Financial Social Work community to have the opportunity to learn from Susan Lupton as she shares her insight, knowledge and expertise; I know every attendee will leave with the most current and valuable information with which to help clients avoid or escape this scourge.

Join us Wednesday, September 18th to learn the real cost of high-cost consumer loans — payday loans, bank payday loans, car-title loans, and Center For Financial Social Workhigh-cost installment loans and to learn:

  • How lenders trap vulnerable borrowers.
  • What the research shows.
  • What the real cost of these loans is– in dollars and other impacts.
  • Where these loans are legal – Where they are not.
  • Who is taking steps to shut down these lenders.
  • How you can help your clients get out of these loans.
  • How you can get involved in fighting predatory lending.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn and understand the very real threat predatory lending represents to every client. Register for this free webinar today!


Written By Reeta Wolfson
SJS Contributor

Predatory Lending: Every Client’s Worst Nightmare was originally published @ The Center For Financial Social Work and has been syndicated with permission of the author.


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