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How The Modern Corporation Parallels The Soviet Union’s Form Of Government (Audio)

Bear from Bearman radio has agreed to do a special weekly segment for SJS and our readers. Bear takes our current political climate to the edge. He is informative, blunt and not scared to say what is on his mind. This week Bear explores the parallels between Communist Soviet Russia and the structure of the modern corporation.

Bear’s SJS Rant #1

Why is it that we as Americans can vote for our elected representatives in government but have little to no say in who rules over us at work? The reason is, that unlike our Representative Government, the Modern Capitalist Corporation is not Democratic. To illustrate this point Bear explores the similarities between the Sino Soviet Form of Government and the Modern Capitalist Corporation, namely that they are set up the same, with the same actors, only with different names.

Since both systems rely heavily on propaganda for them to work, Bear talks about how the entity with the biggest megaphone can make free speech turn the truth into an opinion and an opinion into the truth. If a free people are funded and owe their livelihoods to undemocratic forces are these people really free?

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