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Matthew Cohen, MSW

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Gun Control Bill Correctly Predicted To Fail Back In February

If there were wagering on the passage of legislation, many people would be profiting from the defeat of the proposed gun control bill. Why? Back in February the Sunlight Foundation not only predicted a bill wouldn’t pass, they also predicted which Democrats would oppose the bill. How is that possible you ask? They calculated the number of businesses in the state and indexed that versus the percentage of voters  who backed President Obama in the recent election. The results are predictable.

I love this article because it prints in black and white what most people suspect but have a hard time proving; most of the moral and constitutional debates in Washington are a mirage to mask the underlying reasons bills are passed and rejected: money. The story has a bunch of nifty indexes and graphs to help people wrap their heads around something that really just comes down to self-interest and greed. Still, if you can find a bookie to take future bets, the Sunlight Foundation’s work might be your ticket to riches beyond the imagination.

Written By Matthew Cohen
SJS Staff Writer

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