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Race For Homeless and At-Risk Veterans: Long Island, NY

Debra Beattie writes:

Suffolk County United Veterans, a non-profit organization that helps homeless and at-risk returning Veterans, is proud to be the recipient of the combined efforts of a number of community groups and volunteers who are hosting the 3rd Annual “Riverfront 24” Endurance Run/Walk Race. The event, which will include a range of individual and team challenges, will be held on Saturday and Sunday, from 2:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m., on April 13-14 at the Riverhead Town waterfront.

Denise Mast of New York Adventure Racing Association said, “NYARA is excited to partner with the Riverfront 24 race. It’s a different type of race for us but it embodies the spirit of adventure and endurance while raising money for our veterans, to whom we are so grateful.”  Events include a 24- and 12-hour endurance race in individual and team formats. In addition, there will be 24 “Tough Guy/Gal” challengers competition. Teams may participate with a limitless number of teammates.  Prizes and trophies will be given out to top solo competitors and teams. Race Chairperson Debra Beattie noted:

“The phenomenal thing about this event is the way that so many different organizations have come together to show their support of SCUV. “

Entertainment at the site of the event will include music by the Selden Cadets and  Broadway Blotto, who wrote performed the 1970s hit, “I Wanna Be A Lifeguard”, and a DJ for all 24 hours. The event will also host a Car Show, pancake breakfast, community exhibitors, and a fund-raising raffle of gift baskets.

Contact: Debra Beattie, Race Director

          Tel:  (631) 369-4418 x 1140 , via  email at or go to

 Sponsors include Riverhead Ford – Lincoln, Cablevision,  NYARA,  Road ID, the American Patriot Heroes Fund,  Multisport Soldier, and the Selden Cadets. For more information and for event registration, go to:

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