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Victoria Brewster, MSW

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Recipe for a Happy Day

A client gave me this ‘recipe’ for happiness in life. I wanted to share it with others as I consider the ‘recipe’ words of wisdom to live by.


1 cup of friendly words
2 heaping cups of understanding
4 heaping teaspoons time and patience
A pinch of warm personality
Dash of humor


Measure words carefully.
Add heaping cups of understanding.
Use generous amounts of time and patience.
Cook on front burner, but keep temperature low; do not boil.
Add generous dash of humor and personality.
Season to taste with the spice of life.
Serve in individual molds.

Taken from: Croft, D.J. (1967) Recipes for Busy Little Hands. Palo Alto, California: Author.

Written by Victoria Brewster, MSW
SJS Staff Writer in Canada

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