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Matthew Cohen, MSW

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American Extremist Groups Reach All-Time High

Extremist group activity in America is on the rise. Given the weak economy, this should not come as much of a surprise. The Southern Poverty Law Center, as reported by CNN, is reporting that there is a 7 percent increase in the number of extremist groups. The count is a startling 1,360, and is probably much higher then the average citizen realizes. It also happens to be the highest number of Domestic extremists groups in the nation’s history. This comes as state and federal governments attempt to pass strict gun control laws in the wake of the Newtown Massacre.

” “We are seeing a huge reaction to the potential for gun control, and that reaction is so angry that it’s hard not to be afraid of what’s coming down the road,” said Mark Potok of the SPLC.”

The increase in violence in America is evident, whether or not that violence will continue and worsen remains to be seen. Either way America should know that terrorist threats do not only come from other nations, but from within as well.

Written by Matthew Cohen
SJS Staff Writer

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