Victoria Brewster, MSW

Victoria Brewster, MSW

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A Message of Wisdom

Can any of us truly define happiness and contentment? Is it easier to discuss potential and wishes? What about joy, delight or accomplishment?
As professionals and as humans, it is important to identify our deepest wishes and desires and to work from a place of compassion with our clients and with those we love and care about.

Below is verse taken from, The Life of Shabkar,

Relaxed, at ease in that very state of freedom,
I arrive at the immense sky-realm
That is an unconditional absolute state.
When it is left to itself, as a vast sky
Utterly transparent and serene,
The poisonous, painful bindings that are mental constructs
Loosen by themselves.
When I remain in this state
Which is like a transparent, empty sky,
I experience joy beyond words, thought or expression.

Looking on with the eyes of a wisdom
That is more immense than the all-encompassing sky,
The phenomena of samsara and nirvana
Become delightful spectacles.
Within that brillant continuum,
There is no need for effort,
Everything occurs by itself,
Completely at ease, very naturally:
Complete contentment!

Compassion towards sentient beings
Once my mothers, surges up from deep within me-
These aren’t just empty words:
Now I’ll work to benefit others!

What do the above words mean to you? Are you inspired to do your best, see, accept and strive to be the best professional, the best human, an active participant in society on a regular basis?

*Written by Victoria Brewster, MSW
SJS Staff Writer in Canada*

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