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ADHD Prevalence Rises In California

An ADHD study conducted in California has concluded that the prevalence of ADHD has risen from 2.5% of 11 year olds in 2001, to 3.1% in 2010. The study did not release a clear reason as to why.

On average, children were diagnosed when they were between eight and a half and nine and a half years old. Hispanic youth tended to receive a diagnosis at a later age than other kids – which could put them at a disadvantage, Getahun noted.

Being someone who probably should have been, and most likely still could be, diagnosed with ADHD ( My wife reminds me of this daily), its nice to know the priority early diagnosis is receiving.

“If you diagnose the child early when the disease occurs, the child may function better in school and also socially,” said Getahun.

WIthout having any hard evidence, I would suspect that modern technology ( Video, Games, Phones, T.V.) might very well have something to do with it. It certainly does for me.

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