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W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin Reveals Sensitive Information

This is not technically a social justice issue, but SJS and many other bloggers we know use WordPress. W3 Total Cache is a tool for improving the speed of your website using various caching methods. A vulnerability has been discovered in the plugin that will leave information such as passwords and hashes accessible to someone who knows where to look.

Check out the story for more information, the article does mention that authors are working on a fix, and that disabling Object and Database Cache should close the vulnerability for now.

On a side note, disciplines such a social work are woefully behind in technology. Stories such as this do not seem to be social work related, but if our profession is to grow, an effort must be made to incorporate and disseminate knowledge that propels social work into the 21rst century. This must be done if only to keep up with competing professions whose main goal is to undermine the process of social work and social justice. Clients can only be served effectively if we understand how to use modern frameworks effectively.


** By Matthew Cohen – SJS Staff Writer **

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