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Victoria Brewster, MSW

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The Meaning of Clutter

Clutter; a word that takes over some people’s lives in thinking, behavior and lifestyle. Some people do not know where to start. Some people hire professionals to come into their home and de-clutter it.

What is the basis of this disorganization? Lack of time? Lack of motivation? Lack of clarity? Lack of ideas? Too much ‘stuff?”

There always has to be a beginning point- a room in the house or an area in the house that perhaps is the messiest, the most disorganized? For some this could be the entry way or vestibule of the house, the livingroom, the kitchen, a bedroom or a closet. Do you have a hard time becoming motivated to go through ‘things’ or giving stuff away?

For others, the clutter carries over into all areas of their lives-their car….their work environment…

I have to wonder if there is a reason for this disorganization. Are we born that way? Is it a learned behavior? Is the disorganization a reflection of what is going on inside our minds?

Are you one to have difficulty falling asleep at night? Are there many thoughts running through your mind? Do you have difficulty with quiet as in sitting at home, in the car or at work with no music or TV for background noise? If so, why? Does the quiet lead to chatter in your mind as in lots of thoughts or does the quiet on the outside lead to quiet within?

Have you ever thought if we quiet our minds, the clutter outside will lessen?

Do you have thoughts on this topic. We would love to hear from you.


Written by Victoria Brewster, MSW

SJS Staff Writer in Canada

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