Matthew Cohen, MSW

Matthew Cohen, MSW

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War Isn’t Over, I Guess We Don’t Want It. A Holiday Message From SJS

John Lennon’s song “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)”, has always had a haunting effect, I hardly think that any song brings more emotion from my heart. Year after year it remains a constant, it continues to present the standard by which we should be living, and have yet to live up to. I am truly grateful for this song; if only because it brings balance to the days of shopping and parties. Oh for the days when this song represents an accomplishment, not a longing, a milestone and not a utopia. I have heard all the arguments about human nature and survival of the fittest, and you know what, I don’t care. I have faith in humanity, that we are more than we seem. We can do this. Happy Holidays from SJS.


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