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Thanksgiving and Native Americans

We want to take a second to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving, even those who might not celebrate this most American of holidays. We do so keeping in mind the terrible costs payed by Native American’s.

There is not a story of a people more tragic and deserving of acknowledgement. The price paid is not just borne by those who lost their lives, but all of humanity, whose culture and wisdom has been diminished by so many lights going out of the world. Please keep this in mind when saying your thanks.

If all we are only thankful for is our immediate loved ones, those who do for us, well that is no real thanks at all. There is no lack of genocide in the world even today. There are Peoples and cultures being destroyed in the very same way. Thanksgiving should be a day to renew our commitment to all those in danger. The evils of human history cannot be erased, but the future certainly can be shaped.

This will be the only posts for SJS today, everyone needs a day off. Again, please enjoy a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.


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