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Victoria Brewster, MSW

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The Importance of Compassion During the Holiday Season

Ok, I will be first to bring up the upcoming holiday season which officially kicks of next Friday for ‘Black Friday’. The biggest shopping day of the year or at least that is what I remember when I worked in retail about 20 years ago…..  What I love about the holiday season is the music, the decorations, the baking, buying gifts, and choosing something special for each person I want to give to. I like the family time, the energy that I sense.

But, we must remember there are many who do not have family. The holidays represent a very difficult time of year. Some want to hide for the next 6 weeks until the New Year arrives. As helping professionals it is part of our role to make others feel better, to recognize this is a tough time of year for many, to sense that some clients might need a little extra attention, a smile, a candy cane perhaps, something  to brighten their day and mood.

Also, considering the mess that Hurricane Sandy left behind, there are many without homes, many who lost things; “things” always has a different meaning for some. Photos, journals, and special items cannot be replaced.

Think of others, pass on positive energy and thoughts to those that might need it.

Remember the spirit of the holidays and do not become so focused on materialism and gifts. Buy a stranger a cup of coffee or pay the toll for the person behind you in line simply because you can.

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