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Matthew Cohen, MSW

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Where Do We Go From Here

America is a mess. I don’t know how anyone could come away from the election not believing so. I’m having a hard time deciding if this is still one nation united. The country is as far away from a middle ground as heaven and hell. They two dominant political views are complete opposites, there is no room in political minds of either side for compromise. This is the sort of environment that leads to civil war; circumstances are that dyer.

The electorate is uninformed. The most intelligent answer I heard from Obama supporters was I agree with his policies; a policy was never actually mentioned. Perhaps this is clever news editing, but from my experience the public does not understand public policy. It’s not their fault. The news doesn’t teach public policy and a candidate isn’t required to actually talk about public  policy. When we agree, and I am including myself in this, it is due to a vague ideological position. We are lions without any teeth.   Our leaders do not care if we know public policy and continue to thrive  on a planned mass ignorance. I can see the smokey rooms full of the cackles of evil men degrading the common man.

The Republicans are no better. All I hear is double talk, rhetoric, and especially anger. I just don’t get the anger, do they really hate the people they are angry at; does 50% of America really hate the other half? How could I draw any other conclusion. Yesterday morning Fox 5 in  New York barely covered the Presidential results; it was obvious and comical. This is a child’s mentality, “if I ignore it maybe it will go away”.

We have 4 years to prepare for the next election and  we owe it to ourselves to engage in the decisions that affect each and every life. In that time we have duty to develop the infrastructure that can make this happen. It has to be open and free to all positions. It has to be scalable,; easy for the novice with the depth of the seasoned. It has to be free from corporate or political funding otherwise it will be hijacked for other ends. I suppose that is my vision for SJS, only time will tell if others agree.


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