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Courtney Kidd LCSW

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Beginning a trillion steps behind

In today’s troubling economy one can only look towards the future for hope against the crippling debt that has racked the nation.  Sadly even that starting line has been pushed out of reach for a large majority of the nation’s students, who are entering the world “borrowing twice what they did a decade ago.”


Graduating college students are finding themselves unable to pay back these debts since the job market is packed with the unemployed, and even if they can get a job the expected income is falling.  This increased tuition hike with no discernible means for alleviating debt in any one lifetime means that few will be able to afford the “privilege” of attending higher education.


How can we as a society expect to teach the world about our success with Democracy and freedom when we can’t manage to educate our own children without placing them at risk for a most spectacular failure?

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