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This Little Piggy Went Organic

This little piggy went to market, but not before being checked for hormones, pesticides and other harmful chemicals. The big push to go organic.  Organic food stores have cropped up all over the place.  Every label now proudly displays its home-grown, organic nature to make it more irresistible to the consumer.  I’ve often wondered about this.  I don’t think there are many people who would say using less pesticides, chemicals and hormones  is a bad thing.  Otherwise, the proper explanation has been lost on me, I’ll admit, and my cynicism wondered how much of the “100%  Organic” advertisements lied anyway, but now the American Academy of Pediatrics have also pulled the plug on the great organic question.

These doctors are emphasizing that the most important thing is making sure that there is a balanced and healthy diet, especially for children. Becoming more mindful of the uses of pesticides and hormones that are entering into a child’s diet will certainly benefit them(all of us). With organic food having a 10-40% increased price, limited incomes often restrict how much can be bought.  With no significant data suggesting that there is a great health benefit to going all organic, doctors are recommending to not break the bank, and pick and choose the most important items to buy organically. 

It’s still important to eat healthy and limit the harmful things we put into ourselves. We should be looking at the current food market.  It appears that everywhere, especially restaurants, in order to make more profit the first thing cut is quality.  We value bulk and shelf life over freshness and quality. Just as movements in the turn of the century unlocked the secrets of bad food practices, we must once again evaluate what we eat. The amount of waste that this country tosses could be reduced if we began lowering quantity and focusing on the health and well-being of what we put in our mouth. Regardless of how much we have to spend on food, our health should never be in question for eating conventional items. So go organic or don’t, but instead of worrying if it is home-grown, let’s start worrying about why we allow unfit food to hit the market.

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