Matthew Cohen, MSW

Matthew Cohen, MSW

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A Message To Our Readers, We Need Your Help!

SJS would like to urge you to submit your own content using the submit button at the top of the page. Our main goal has always been to be a comprehensive place where people come to get an accurate account of the state of the world. This cannot happen unless you keep us posted on what is going on in the state of your world. This includes blogs and opinions, but also includes summaries of news stories and links to those stories. Generally, the news submissions have a brief, or not so brief, commentary on the bit of news. This commentary is crucial to creating a place where dialogue becomes the everyday norm. We urge you to make your voice a part of that dialogue by submitting or at the very least, commenting on articles.

The first step social change is creating a sphere that can be trusted to go to for information; we believe that crowd-sourcing the news is the only viable option in this case, and have created SJS in the hopes to accomplish this. More than anything we want it be fun and energizing to engage in debates about our world again. We believe that differences of opinion are friendships not yet made, and that human beings are born with a sense of fairness, and compromise. We hope that SJS is the forum by which this proven .

Many thanks to all of you were made SJS a part of your daily life, don’t forget to tell your friends.


Matthew Cohen, Co-Founder

Social Justice Solutions

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