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The Priceless Campaign – Telling The Truth About Teenage Girls

We live in a society where women are undervalued, under-appreciated  and oppressed. One look at the antics of the Republican Party,during this election cycle, gives credence to that statement. If women are facing such steep obstacles in American society than how much more so are the obstacles going to be for young women. Young woman are not only subjective to the biases committed against women but also the biases committed against youth.

It has come to the attention of SJS, from our wonderful partnerships with Social Work Helper, that there are some who are committed to combating the difficulty teenage girls have in America. The Priceless Campaign, besides being a wonderful name, is committed to telling TRUTH about teenage girls. We do not know of anything that might be more noble, needed, and courageous than the conception of the Priceless Campaign.

“We are sick of the labels that are being placed on teenage girls. Such as: teenage girls have attitudes, they are disrespectful, moody, selfish, make bad choices, and the list can go on.Teenage girls are beautiful, smart, brilliant, respectful, compassionate, caring, creative, lovable, and PRICELESS. That is the truth about teenage girls.”

Priceless is a very interesting word, we live in a society that assigns a price to everything and yet knows the value of nothing. Indeed teenage girls are priceless because all human beings are priceless. It is of special importance to protect those who are the most vulnerable in society. Young women certainly fall into that category. Singling out a specific vulnerable population and trying to address the issues inherent within that population is a refreshing beginning to understanding how we can help all vulnerable population.

The Priceless Campaign is asking those with a compassionate heart to show their support by signing a pledge that acknowledges the truth about teenage girls. SJS will sign this pledge, hopeful that one day it will extend to all those who are vulnerable in our society.

It is easy to think that signing a pledge is a meaningless written act, but this sort of thing is up to the individual. A pledge is a promise that when confronted with a situation where you can make even a little bit of difference, there will be attempt to do so regardless of an improbable outcome. Attempting to make changes in the face of enormous obstacles takes courage, but this is the only way the change will come out. Let’s start with teenage girls.

A special thanks Ruby Taylor, MSW, for allowing SJS to be a part of this noble venture.


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