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New Details Debunk The Belief That A Protest Sparked Violence At Libya Consulate

It took me a while to really get a grasp what this story was getting at, but I have yet to have my morning coffee! The Associated Press, ABC, and the State Dept. are now claiming that the first sign of violence in the Libya Consulate attack were not from a rowdy protest against an anti-Islam film, rather it seems that ‘“gunfire and explosions near the front gate” were the first signs of danger precipitating the attacks that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.’ It goes on to explain that the attack was highly organized in the manner of a covert military operation. The article has complete details. The AP article can be found here.

This isn’t a small detail. The entire country has been abuzz with anti-Islam sentiment following, what was considered an angry mob committing violence against U.S. citizens. Not only does it call into question the news organizations that we rely on, not only does it call into question an address made by President Obama, but it gives a clear perspective on the mindset of Americans. We over react, jump to conclusions and are allowing ourselves to be lead around with our eyes closed. I doubt anyone will learn a lesson from this, not the news, and certainly not the people.

I had conversations on SJS about how we cannot blame billions of people for the acts of a thousand, but it seems that I was wrong. I should have said that we cannot blame, and stereotype, billions of people based on the acts of the few. It is almost always that way. There is no excuse for the attacks of the Libyan Consulate. Those responsible should be brought to a swift and merciless justice, but is there going to be a recanting of all the opinions that made conclusions based on their false information?



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