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An Obscure Blog, I have No Idea What It Means

I found this a while back. I don;t have a clue what it means, but I think it is fitting for a midnight post:


“Moving through the world half blind. Only catching a glimpse of the plan. Words are everywhere, they dominate what is immediate. Sometimes life is like being a race horse, the whip is always close to the skin. The rider invisible, the anticipation constant. Always longing for some sunny day in the past, was it really that wonderful? Always looking toward the sunny day in the future, running half blind.

In one thousands ways, the universe defies this madness. It is evident when one thousand leaves blow in harmony. Always confronted, dead in your sights, exactly what it is that your looking for, and yet, words are everywhere, they continue to dominate what is immediate. An endless series of who, what, when , where and why, perhaps there is even a how mixed in now and again. Empty words, words without heart, without a modicum of truth.

Is it so hard to believe that obtaining a rare thing might take a rare effort. Perhaps you think you’re broken, I can assure you that you are not. Perhaps you think you know who you are, and I wonder how you can be so sure. Moving targets are illusive, in that way we find the grace of art. A target that stands firm, always on the same ground, with the same explanations, reassurances, and deceptions, are… hollow at best.

What have you risked, what safe step have you bypassed for shakier ground? Certainly hardly  a soul risks their sacred words, and the unspoken treasure that is contained. I should not be surprised that treasure is coveted in such way, but after all this time, I grow weary. Today I had one penetrating conversation. It will be another one thousand before another one comes my way. That probably isn’t true, but it is how I feel.

The whole world thinks that it’s problems are so complex, unique, and unsolvable. Yet, things could not be simpler, people are not willing to give up their words. not willing to sacrifice their treasure. There is not a universe where the problems are simpler then ours, but that simply will not do.

There is no message here, there is no point. Give up your words, find the real treasure.”

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