Matthew Cohen, MSW

Matthew Cohen, MSW

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Welcome to the new SJS

The SJS would like to thank all of the people who have become a welcome part of our daily lives. We hope you enjoy the new layout and find it a worthwhile place to check in and share your thoughts. Please be aware of three NEW and key features that we feel will transform our community.

  • On the right sidebar there is a link to register for the site. This will allow you to automatically have your credentials filled in for commenting, it also allows you to crate an avatar, and share a quick bio with the community. In the future we plan to expand the amount of profile fields based on community feedback.
  • There is a follow button on the bottom right of your screen and also towards the bottom of your side bar. If you are so inclined, fill this out and you will receive emails with our posts. You can login into to to control the frequency of these posts as well. Given the trouble we have with reaching our fans regularly with Facebook, we are very excited about this new feature. (Please be advised, this option might be turned off for the next 24 hours as we import old posts into our new site.)
  • On the top navigation bar, and also on the side bar, there is a link to submit a post. We welcome all community members to share links to news stories, and even your own news summaries/blogs. As long as these selections are not explicit or hateful in nature, we will be glad to post them.
  • Lastly, please checkout, we feel our partnership with SWH will be the key to creating the momentum needed to sustain a true social movement. Making SWH a daily part of our lives will help us build a tight community that is capable of making change.

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