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Matthew Cohen, MSW

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California Religious Community Calls For Passing Of TRUST Immigration Legislation

Summarizing articles for SJS has made me more aware of the greater attention paid to negative thoughts and news in the media, yet this article was a refreshing change. Bishops Marc Andrus , Mark. W Holmerud and Rabbi Sharon Brous have called upon California Governor Jerry Brown to sign the TRUST act into law. TRUST aims stop the deportation of, and detention, of immigrants in California for minor legal violations or acts that did not lead to any conviction at all. The community program “secure” was originally designed to only deport immigrants who have committed felonies, yet it has been abused to include any identified immigrant. The passionate plea, by these religious men, is refreshing and certainly worth the reading. It shows how powerful partnerships can be when they span different communities and religious denominations. If social justice is to be the norm in America, it’s religious traditions will certainly need to stand united in the effort.


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