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Are Courts Biased Against Fathers?

Submitted by Jennifer McGraw Belcher:

“Please help me raise awareness about a serious issue. Parental Alienation: Father’s Rights at risk.

The court systems are still highly biased toward mothers, and fathers are treated as the scum of the earth. There are so many dads that WANT to be a part of their children’s lives but are not allowed due to the actions of the mother (in rare occasions it is vice versa, where the dad has custody and keeps the kids from the mom) There are many “deadbeat” dads out there, why do the laws support keeping the good ones away? My question to everyone is what can we do to stop this? I am personally doing a lot to raise awareness but I want input from others as well about this issue. This is my main justice issue that I am dealing with.”


Parental Alienation Awareness Organization



Jennifer raises some good points. In a larger sense how are we to tackle biases in the criminal justice system. Thanks to Jennifer for the submission



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