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Matthew Cohen, MSW

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Children Of The Opressed Begin To Opress In Israel

Israel was founded as a Jewish state on Jewish refugees after WWII. Now, as 60,000 African refugees flee to Israel since 2006, they are finding less than sympathetic friends. Violence has begun to break out as these refugees are being blamed for taking jobs and crime rates, similar to the backlash against Mexican workers in the U.S. right down to the fence along the border. The similarities don’t stop there. Children of these refugees are able to go to school while their parents, unable to find jobs or health insurance become homeless, alienated and further depleted. Orit Ruben, a coordinator for asylum seekers made a statement saying “If we don’t start treating these people as human beings, we are going to lose our own humanity.” As the world plummets into further us vs. them, might we say that we have already?

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