The Amazing Things Animals Do For Our Planet that We Can Learn From

Animals have been around since before humans evolved to exist. Scientists throughout history have traced back common traits of humanity to some of our earliest ancestors. It’s healthy sometimes to sit back and appreciate what animals have done for us and to stop and think about how much they’ve both inspired and nurtured the human race.

Your animal world may well not extend beyond your family pet, but there are infinite more breathtaking processes happening behind the scenes of your life that you don’t know about, where animals are the production crew for a wonderful play about life on earth.

It’s all in the balance

Every single animal on the planet has an important role to play in how the planet’s ecosystem runs on a daily basis. From natural selection to food chains and reproduction, the animal kingdom is strung together in a tightly wound symphony that would sound off key if even one of them were to be removed.

The most basic, but also most important example is the bees. Not only do bees play a pivotal role in the insect world, but in the conception of newly pollinated plants. Keeping the balance right is imperative. Without bees, there will be no plants, and without plants, oxygen levels in the air are too sparse- but this is something that can be changed. Bees and other similar insects are responsible for giving you the very air you breathe, which is why so many calls have been taken to help save the bees. People all around the world are trying to do their bit to help.

Climate change and loss of habitat are two of the biggest reasons why bees are dying out. It’s the small, everyday changes we can make that will ensure these wonderful creatures are around for as long as possible. One of the best examples here is that of humane pest control, which defines between harmful pests and useful insects so that bees don’t get caught in the crossfire. Your best port of call is using an environmentally conscious company to help you keep your produce, and your homes, alive. The clue is in the name with Natura, and you can find out more from their mile-long list of happy customers, who praise the low toxicity process.

Food and warmth

The meat you eat, and the milk you drink, are all animal products that we wouldn’t have if they didn’t exist. For a time immemorial, animals have always been a source of food to help with human survival. Not only this but when tribalism and hunting were key to evolution, their coats and fur often provided warmth in cold climates. It is something that has been continuing into the modern day, but there are a few issues with what it’s become.

Relying on animals is and will always be a natural part of the ecosystem, but since mass farming and a growing human population has come into full force, the meat and dairy industry has grown considerably to continue to cope with the demands of the industries. However, change is on the horizon, with many people calling it cruelty, and with worldwide rallies being carried out in the hopes that world governments to listen to animal rights. Amazingly, they are, and movements such as veganism are helping us harness the resources animals give us, without having to hurt them. Veganism is gaining popularity throughout the world, with more and more stores and restaurants providing dedicated vegan sections and menus.

Inspiring technology

In many ways, animals have inadvertently been inspiring some of the best inventions in the world. Scientists and inventors have long been utilizing how animals survive in the wild to how they can further the advancement of the human race. These inventions have been used in many areas, from sports to warfare, to explorations into the darkest corners of the earth.

One of the most famous examples is that of the swimsuit. In the Olympics, you will see swimmers kitted out in high-tech swimwear that will minimize their drag in the water, and enable them to cut through the pool much more efficiently. This kind of invention has come from the shark; whos scales have small vortices designed to reduce drag. Where this helps sharks hunt and keep going in the sea, it has also lent use to how boats are built.

There are even some animals who are inspiring technology that aims to give back to the world and reverse the effects of climate change, which is truly a concept that makes hearts everywhere flutter with affection for our animal heroes. Sea lions, seals, and narwhals are famed for their abilities to dive far deeper into the sea than any human can. From this, scientists have developed temperature tracking devices that can be attached to these animals. Down below the surface, temperature changes can be taken note of which let scientists measure how warm the sea is getting.

Man’s best friend

Domesticated animals are among those you will see every day of your life, and have been enchanting owners since they found their way into our homes. Dogs, cats, and other pets have been keeping humans company for as long as people can remember. Though some animals have been integral to the scientific parts of life, pets appeal to the emotional side. They are often there for humans when others are not, and can help keep humans safe when they are in danger.

Some animals even give their time to help save other humans. From police dogs and guide dogs to pets who can save some from the grips of a deep depression, the reliance on animals branches into every part of life. The loyalty seen in animals like dogs are exactly why they are seen as the ultimate companion throughout life. Lots of people prefer the companionship of animals over that of human beings, and with all things considered, it isn’t hard to see why!




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