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Holding On To Social Work

Matt recently spoke about his experience in “Falling in Love with Social Work”. In it he describes feeling more complete, like someone who has found the puzzle they belong to. It was inspiring hearing so many who felt the same join in with him. Many refer to it as a calling. I never had this, the fact that I could help others was a monumental plus, but it was not the motivating factor to my interest in the field. If you’re like me, sometimes you feel left out from not having that feeling. Let me reassure you that this is perfectly fine; not everyone falls in love. Some of stumble in, some of us even get our hearts broken. We lose who we were, and then almost miraculously, learn to find ourselves again. It can make things more of a bittersweet journey than a love story, but it doesn’t lessen the result.

Just the other week, a teacher’s resignation letter to the school board told a story many of us can relate to; he spoke about the love of his profession, the positive impact it can have, and all of the good that can grow out of the actions of a single person. He also discussed the loss when that disappears, when we become obsolete, a blip on the radar to those in power who care more about policy than people. Social workers understand that cry more than most other professions; it is the norm for us. Hearing that reminds me of why I do this. I never got “the call,” but I did get a fire lit inside me.

For whatever reason that brought you here, I’m glad you are. It doesn’t matter which column you fall into because at the end of the day, we are one complete profession. So if you’re new and shiny, hold on. If you’re lost or troubled, hold on, and even if you’re at the end of the road, wondering if you have anything left to give, hold on. No matter what just keep holding on.

By: Courtney Kidd, LMSW
SJS Staff Writer

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